realizzazione caminetti design

The company


LC is a highly specialist company that has succeeded over time in maintaining its artisan vocation without sacrificing the technological innovation that has enabled it to become a leader in the combustion sector.
Inside its workshops it has been producing FIREPLACES and STOVES for over twenty years with a special eye for design.

Over the last decade this has been focused on satisfying the sophisticated taste of more demanding customers and designers in terms of style and personality.
The artful use of raw materials and skilful iron working techniques in the most glamorous lacquered version such as the material and contemporary effect obtained through brushing or rust-effect oxidation,

have enabled LC to build partnerships with Italian designers and brands famous throughout the world and also branch out to other customised products, such as kitchens and integrated bookcases, where other features, such as wood and natural stone, enrich the skilfully processed metal with their texture.