Simone Micheli


LC is constantly looking for collaborations with Interior Designers and Architectural Studies.
From our research, was born the collaboration with the Architect Simone

Micheli, an internationally renowned architect known for his projects.
Micheli’s international reputation is due to the fact that his projects are designed and studied paying attention to sustainability and the environment, characterizing his productions with strong accents of “identity and uniqueness”.
His contribution to the contract sector is particularly significant, with many achievements for modern luxury hotels, where he created a Spa, wellness center, beauty and fitness center and has won important international awards.

Together with the architect Micheli, and in conjunction with the Milano Salone del Mobile, we attended the Hotel Regeneration 2018 event (insert the link), a fair organized by Micheli himself.
Thanks to Simone’s idea, we showed two different bio-ethanol fireplaces, finding success during the exhibition.
LC is very inclined to establish collaborations with these professioanl figures, just to highlight its craftsmanship.

Giovanni Scurria


Giovanni Scurria, Professor of Design and History of Art, trained at Accademia dele Belle Arti in Naples in Scenography,
specializing in Performing Arts and Multimedia Production at the Faculty of Design and Arti of the IUAV University of Venice,

which he collaborated from 2008 to 2014 for digital drawing courses.
One of the most important projects in which he participated is Le Origini di Venezia, funded by the Telecom Italia Foundation, where, in addition to the design of visual communication,

he realizes the 3D reconstructions of the Battistero di Torcello, the Porta Approdo and the Altino Amphitheater, designs the augmented reality app for mobile devices, which allows 3D visualization of invisible cultural heritage at the Altino and Torcello archaeological parks.