LC’s strong vocation to satisfying its customers is expressed best through the design and production of fireplaces and stoves that are made to measure.
In particular, the production of customised fireplaces, which began as a way of fulfilling the requirements of individual customers, designers with specific aesthetic and functional requirements or for the “contract” sector, has progressively developed the expertise and innovation of the company on a technical and management level.

We have learnt to be flexible and versatile, to take into account all requirements at all stages of design, production and installation, from building precise and defined 3D models in realistic and detailed settings to knowing how to change and adapt the final product as required, also during the installation stage.
The great elasticity we have acquired over many years of providing a personalised service now allows us to offer the widest range of products possible and the maximum level of functional and aesthetic quality ever in the design, production and installation of our products.

List of customisable products:
» Wood burning, gas and bioethanol suspended fireplaces
» Fireplace with vertical sliding glass frames also electric
» Fireplaces with heat recovery
» Fires, ovens and indoor and outdoor barbecues for cooking food
» Related accessories such as hoods, vertical sliding or outwards opening glass frames, adjustable air intakes

» Kitchens for homes, communities or contracts with metal structures
» Bookcases designed to be integrated with fireplaces and/or stoves

custom modern fireplaces and stoves manufacturing

Progettazione integrata

La formazione e la specializzazione del reparto tecnico permettono inoltre la progettazione e la costruzione di caminetti standard e di caminetti su misura per la combustione a legna, a gas o a bioetanolo sempre aggiornati rispetto alla normativa italiana ed europea. I prodotti LC hanno infatti ottenuto la marcatura CE, superando tutti i test di sicurezza, di rendimento e di emissioni in atmosfera.