Standard fireplaces Single-block LC fireplaces are available in various sizes
propone and models - with traditional, corner,
come il BORDO fino a hexagonal, curved or U-shaped surfaces.,
Stoves The LC collection of wood-burning stoves comprises single-block
elements made of a strong steel shell,
single-block elements made of a strong steel
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Kitchens LC provides all its professionalism,
many years' experience and unquestionable
aste for beauty, to warm the heart of your home.
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Barbecue Also for outdoor spaces, LC is a leader in the design which can be
and production of machines for high performance barbecues,
installed in gardens and terraces of all styles and sizes
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fierce about passion

Bringing WARMTH and BEAUTY into your rooms is the challenge that LC beats every day with passion, experience and professionalism.
The magic and intimacy of FIREPLACES and STOVES designed and made to suit all requirements, with the chance to create unique items, designed and made to measure by a dynamic and skilful team, which LC offers all its customers.

modern design fireplaces


The skill and attention to detail that distinguish us, typical of the best Italian handicraft tradition, guarantee that the products leaving our workshops are all designed and built without leaving anything to chance.
LC FIREPLACES and STOVES are marked by contemporary style and design but are always pleasantly familiar. Neither the models shown in the catalogues nor those made to measure are mass produced, therefore the excitement typical of a unique item is kept intact.


All our products are designed to be in harmony with you and the spaces you live in and contain equal measures of design, innovation, safety and respect for the environment.
Our specialist technicians analyse every aspect of the creative and production process from setting to style, choice of materials, research into new technological solutions and certifications. LC FIREPLACES and STOVES offer aesthetic solutions that always meet expectations and with maximum energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact so you are safe in the knowledge that you have a cutting edge product in your home that complies with the strictest European safety standards, both for the wood-burning models and the gas or bioethanol ones.

modern design fireplaces

modern design fireplaces


The high level of training of specialist professionals and creative talent of the youngest employees are distinctive features of the LC team. And it’s precisely this mix of experience and dynamism that provides the best quality guarantee for our customers. The current standards are the result of the experience of three whole generations of working with iron and other metals and over the last twenty years the company has happily embraced new directions in the combustion field, both in terms of creativity and technology. The result is fireplaces and stoves that are solid and attractive both when burning, animated by the magic of the fire, and when they are off due to the excellent materials used for every element and the special design on which every model is based.

integrated design and relooking

When you wish to make your rooms welcoming and give a more distinctive style or personality to a home or business, LC becomes your most precious ally right from the start. With the possibility to choose from three types of fuel – wood, gas or bioethanol – and the great versatility and adaptability of the models produced and customised solutions that can be adapted to all environments, with LC you can install fireplaces and stoves, but also customised kitchens and integrated bookcases, for the construction (Design) or renovation of rooms, but also with a simple RELOOKING operation, without having to take on any lengthy and expensive renovations.
Our designers can assess the state of fact in relation to your wishes, adapting the operation to the available budget and existing logistics.

modern design fireplaces