camini moderni monoblocco LC


Single-block LC fireplaces are available in various sizes and models – with traditional, corner, hexagonal, curved or U-shaped surfaces. The finish can be chosen from a wide range of lacquered colours, also custom, or rust-effect.
The excellent energy efficiency is guaranteed by the combustion chamber, made with refractory material, which promotes storage of heat and its gradual release over time, guaranteeing a constant temperature in the room even when the fire has gone out.

The safety and cleanliness of the machine are guaranteed by protective glass that prevents accidental leaks of material and improves the thermal performance and that slides within special guides. Both the guides and the glass frame are made of specific metal tubes. This structure guarantees a highly solid product and gives it a pleasantly contemporary look.

The LC fireplaces in the Calor family work by natural convection, without using a motor to force the hot air to circulate. They are made in compliance with the parameters in force in Europe on emissions. In fact they have the CE mark and great attention is given not only to energy performance but also to reducing the environmental impact.


standard fireplaces manufacturing


Thanks to the high degree of skill and experience reached by LC professionals, they can now design and build fireplaces and stoves suited to all requirements, not only traditional wood burning ones, but also with gas or bioethanol systems. In addition to the design and energy efficiency of these products, during design, production and installation, there has been a constant focus on improving performance levels in terms of lowering emissions on one hand and increasing safety on the other. Both aspects are constantly updated in compliance with the parameters required by Italian and European legislation.


To adapt to all settings and styles, LC fireplaces and stoves can be customised through a wide range of metal coatings and finishes or other materials, either natural like stone, lavic stone, terracotta and wood, or using mass produced products that are easy to source. In fact, our products are suitable to be placed in the most varied of settings, precisely due to the ease with which they can be customised, also using latest generation Italian quartz and ceramics with high technological content, which blend perfectly into the clean and essential design of minimalist spaces.

standard fireplaces manufacturing